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Contemporary Furniture

Most of us think that Modern and Contemporary furniture are one and the same thing. There is, however, a distinction to be made.

Contemporary furniture is unique and shows regard for design and a look that is 'cutting edge' and practical, to ensure long life both aesthetically and structurally.

Modern furniture is more likely to be designed around economy and lends itself well to mass production techniques.


Furniture Restoration

Whether it be French polish, spirit varnish or lacquer, Coman Furniture specialise in authentic restoration to ensure the value and patina of your piece is maintained.


Built-in and Free-standing Pieces

Once completed, one of our pieces look as if the house walls have been constructed around it. Careful attention is paid to scribing and fitting of all components to give a clean, neat finish, whether your walls are straight or uneven.

Milled from your timber

We can mill and kiln dry timber from your property.

Custom Designed

All pieces are hand crafted to suit individual taste and styles.


We capture a classical or period look in reproduction furniture.

Made to order

All furniture is made to suit particular customer needs.

Coman Furniture has gained a reputation for fine quality workmanship, a keen sense of practical, elegant design and a wide knowledge of furniture-making techniques.

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Martin was the first representative of his industry to successfully represent the furnishing trades in the Victorian Outstanding Student Awards, where he received a training award.

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At Coman Furniture, quality matters more than time. If you have something you would like for your house or a piece you have that you would like restored we're happy to handle your request 

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European Heritage, Australian Craftmanship